flood protection

Flood defence schemes is getting more important these days.

Extreme global flooding events are occurring with increasing frequency, Climate change has resulted in an increased severity and intensity of heavy rainfall or rapid melting snow and has more human and economic impact because of river flooding, and heavy rain. Traditional flood protection solutions like mobile flood barriers and demountable barriers are in these situations not efficient enough due to the long build-up time and warning time. A lot of these flood solutions need a flood management plan and flood alert systems. Rapid onset flooding usually causes the greatest damage due to the lack of time to deploy these more traditional types of manually operated floodgates and flood systems, typically stored off site, and requiring human intervention.

Over the years Hyflo have built tremendous expertise in engineering state-of-the-art flood protections, with over 20 years of experience the Self Closing Flood Barrier SCFB™ is in 2015 totally renewed and is now the only automatic flood barrier in the world that is approved as primary flood barrier. The SCFB™ is build in the Netherlands and tested to meet the highest standards.

For the SCFB™ no warning system or build up time is required. The floating wall of the SCFB™ will rises instantly through the rising water level. This flood system is not energy driven and operates without any human intervention. In case of fast flood or heavy rain the barrier will close within a minute. In the resting position the barrier is invisible and fully self-protected.

The Self Closing Flood Barriers can be built in the top of a dike or quay to protect inhabited as well as industrial or other strategic areas. This innovative flood prevention system can be used for primary protection (river flooding), secondary protection (parking garages) or for private home property protection. The Barrier systems have already been built and installed in many countries around the globe.