Self Closing Flood Door

Self Closing Flood Door (SCFD)

The Self closing flood door SCFD is a unique system to protect your private home 24 / 7 during your absence. Rapid onset flooding cost by heavy rainfall during the night or vacations causes the greatest damage. For deploy the more traditional type of manually operated flood-doors and floodgates systems you need warning time and time to set up the barrier what you don't have in these cases. The SCFD overcomes all the issues associated with these flood defences, and has the considerable advantage of not requiring any intervention during a flood warning, the SCFD using the approaching floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier; effectively using the problem to create the solution. 

The SCFD a smaller version from the SCFB™ and is intended to protect small gates and private property against floods. The working principle is very similar to that of the larger SCFB™ but with the reduced scale. Because of this reduced scale and the lighter materials the barrier is easy to install and in most circumstances the SCFD does not require a service pit and can be fit with a standard pipe connection to the sewer. The system is made of very durable materials designed to at least for 30 to 50 years and remains virtually maintenance free of many years. 

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The SCFD can be built in length up to 3 meters and in standard heights from 300mm 600mm and 900mm. The basin from the SCFD is made out of very durable PE-HD material and reinforced with stainless steel. The top of the barrier is made of aluminum.

SCFD 300300mm3000mm600mm270mm110mm
SCFD 600600mm3000mm900mm270mm110mm
SCFD 900900mm3000mm1200mm300mm110mm

In non-flood conditions, all operational parts of the barrier are invisibly concealed in the ground inside the basin. When the floodwater entered the basin the floating wall barrier will start to float up inside the basin. This gives the rubber seals space to move free when the barrier goes up; this prevents wear of the seals. When the floating wall is in the top position the angled support block will push the wall to the dry side and ‘lock’ the wall in position. The seals will make now a 100% watertight connection inside the basin and the guide rails.

The seals have a life expectancy of over 15 years. They are protected underground and therefore are not subject to UV degradation. In its closed position the barrier is protected below ground level and therefore not prone to vandalism. The barrier is not energy driven and therefore still operates in case of a power cut.

When there is a flood the barrier will always rise completely, normally within a few minutes.

As the water level subsides back to its normal level, the floodwater in the basin is drained out by either gravity or a pump located in the service pit, through a drain-pipe which is fitted with an one way check valve. As the water continues to drain from the basin, the floodwall returns to its resting position within the basin. In its closed resting position, the lid of the barrier seals to prevent the inflow of waste or debris.