Self Closing Flood Door

Self Closing Flood Door (SCFD)

The SCFD a smaller version from the SCFB™ and is intended to protect small gates and private property against floods. The working principle is very similar to that of the larger SCFB™ but in a reduced scale. Because of this reduced scale and the lighter materials the barrier is easy to install and in most circumstances the SCFD does not require a service pit and can be fit with a standard pipe connection to the sewer. The system is made of very durable materials designed to at least for 30 to 50 years and remains virtually maintenance free of many years.

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Dimentions (SCFD)

The SCFD can be built in length up to 4 meters and in standard heights from 300mm, 600mm and 900mm. The basin from the SCFD is made out of very durable PE-HD material and reinforced with stainless steel.

All SCFD will be buld for the requested lenghts and heights and com with an installation schedule for this lenght.

Side guides

The operation of the SCFD relies on a guide rails or guide slots at each end of the barrier to seal against, (under flood conditions) the sidewalls. Where the barrier is fit between two fixed wall reveals a guide rail or a guide slot is mounted to the wall and reveal and sealed with a mastic sealant. The angle also allows the barrier to be guided when rising and falling.

It is possible to choose between guide rails (1 ) or guide slots (2) as end protection of the SCFD. Guide rails are mounted at the outside of the fixed wall and guide slot can be mounted inside the fixed wall.

Top coverage

The top cover of the barrier is standard made of aluminum or can, as an advantage, be made of stainless steel, Corton steel diamant plate, sandblasting, or powdercoted in every requested colour.

Invisible top

it is also possible to make the top plates of the SCFD barrier invisible by covering these with the pavement. Also the lid can be made of a water gutter to fill the barrier.

Activation (SCFD)

SCFD with pipe connection can be used when the drain outled is lower than the bottom of the barrier. The pipe connection is also used as a second inlet for longer lengths.

In most locations it is recommended to use a service pit for testing and cleaning the system,

Service pit (SCFD)

With a service pit the SCFD barrier can be easier tested-and cleaned. All our service pits are made out of very durable PE-HD material and welded very strong together to suit the dimensions of the SCFD.

When the level of bottom of barrier is lower than the drain system, a pit with a pump with an automatic switch system is necessary.


It is an option to order an extra switch in the pit. This switch can be connected to an alarm system when the barrier rises.